Little Bill - And the Blue Notes

3:00 In The Morning
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Little Bill and The Blue Notes (full band) -Dick Powell, Billy Stapleton , Billy Barner and Bill 
Lil Trio -Rod Cook, Russ Kammerer and Bill
Lil Bill Duo-- Rod Cook  and Bill
Aug 22-Yuppie Tavern-Totem Lake-8:30-Lil Bill Trio
Aug 23- Crossroads-Bellevue-7:00-Blue Notes  Special guest Kim Field
Aug 24-Bakes Place-Bellevue-6:00 Lil Bill and Billy Stapleton
Aug 31-Bakes Place-Bellevue-6:00 Lil Bill and Rod Cook
Sept 4-Sunbanks Cantiana-Grand Coulee-10:00-Lil Bill Trio Rod Cook, Chris Leighton
Sept 6-Destination Harley-Fife-12:00-Lil Bill Trio 
Sept 6 -B Sharp  Coffee-Tacoma-7:30-Lil Bill and Rod Cook
Sept 7-Johnny's Dock-Tacoma-5:00-Lil Bill Trio Rod Cook, Michael Kinder
Sept 13-Levenworth Blues Festival-The Blue Notes  1:30-2:30
Sept 19-Bakes Place-Bellevue-9:00 The Blue Notes  Special guest Jim King
Sept 20-Destination Harley-Fife-12:00-Lil Bill Trio 
Sept 21 The Spar-Tacoma-7:00-The Blue Notes
Sept 27-Grinders-Shoreline-7:30-The Blue Notes
Oct 4-Northwest Dance Seattle 8:30-The Blue Notes
Oct 5-Johnny's Dock-Tacoma-5:00- Lil Bill Trio 
Oct 10- North City Wine Shop- 8:00-Lil Bill trio
Oct 11-Destination Harley-Fife-12:00-Lil Bill Trio 
Oct 16-Crossroads-Bellevue-6:30- Lil Bill and Rod Cook
Oct 17-Bakes Place-Bellevue-9:00 The Blue Notes with special guest Jim King
Oct 18-H2O Anacortes-7:30- The Blue Notes  with special guest Jim King
Nov 1-Destination Harley-Fife-12:00-Lil Bill Trio 
Nov 2-Johnnyw Dock-Yacoma-5:00-Lil Bill Trio 
Nov 7 & 8 Dawsons-Tacoma-9:00-The Blue Notes
Nov 9-The Central-Kirkland-8:30-Lil Bill Trio 
Nov 14-Bakes Place-Bellevue-9:00 The Blue Notes
Nov 15-Destination Harley-Fife-12:00 Lil Bill Trio 
Dec 5-Crossroad-Bellevue-700- The Blue Notes
Dec 7- Johnnys Dock-Tacoma-5:00- Lil Bill Trio 
Dec 13-Destination Harley-Fife-12:00-Lil Bill Trio 
Dec 13 B Sharp Coffee-Tacoma-8:00
Dec 14- Blues Vespers-Tacoma- 5:00 Lil Bill Big Band
Dec 19-Bakes Place-Bellevue-9:00 The Blue Notes
Dec 20-Third Place Books-Lk Fst Park 7:30-The Blue Notes
Dec22-Destination Harley-Fife-12:00-Lil Bill Trio
Dec 23-Destination Harley-Fife-12:00-Lil Bill Trio




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